October 2019
Ask The Experts
SBA 504 Q&A: Credit: Affiliation Determination

Q: How does the Small Business Administration (SBA) determine affiliation for 504 loans?

Ask the Florida First Capital SBA 504 Loan ExpertsA: Concerns and entities are affiliates of each other when one controls or has the power to control the other, or a third party or parties controls or has the power to control both.  It does not matter whether control is exercised, so long as the power to control exists.

The SBA considers factors such as ownership, management, previous relationships with or ties to another concern and contractual relationships in determining whether affiliation exists.

Control may be affirmative or negative.  Negative control includes, but is not limited to, instances where a minority shareholder has the ability, under the concern’s charter, by-laws, or shareholder’s agreement, to prevent a quorum or otherwise block action by the board of directors or shareholders.

Affiliation may also be found where an individual, concern or entity exercises control indirectly through a third party.

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