SBA 504 Loan Interest Rates

close interest rates

August 2022

25-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

25-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

20-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

20-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

10-Year Fixed Rate Standard:

10-Year Fixed Rate Refinance:

Full-term fixed interest rates shown; includes all servicing fees

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The Florida Finance Network Unlocks Vital Capital Resources to Help Florida Businesses Grow and Succeed. Connect with the Network to Meet Your Specific Financing Needs. Access to capital remains one of the most important concerns for business owners who are growing and expanding their operations and creating jobs in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Finance Network is a group of nonprofit economic development lending organizations that connects Florida businesses with various federal, state and private financing programs to meet specific capital needs.

Florida Finance Network members specialize in different areas, but collectively they cover the majority of business financing needs. Network members are knowledgeable and well-connected to help your business determine its best funding options.

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