September 2019
Commercial Lending
Regional Partners Wanted: SBA Extends 504 Loan Program Rural Initiative Pilot Program

The 504 Loan Program Rural Initiative Pilot Program was established by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide small businesses in rural areas across the nation with increased opportunities to access capital via the 504 Loan Program for the purchase of major fixed assets like commercial real estate and heavy duty equipment. Read More

SBA 504 Loan Fees Cut for FY 2020

Each year, the Small Business Administration (SBA) reviews certain fees payable to the Agency by 504 borrowers to determine if any of those fees need to be adjusted to cover the estimated subsidy costs of the 504 loan program. Read More

SBA 504 Loan Interest Rates Go Even Lower … Wow!

The fixed effective interest rates for Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans continue to get cheaper.  September makes 10 consecutive months that 504 loan interest rates have dropped and the 4th consecutive month of the lowest rates in the program’s history. Read More

Ask The Experts
SBA 504 Q&A: Servicing: Delinquent Property Taxes

Q: Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan borrowers are responsible for payment of their real estate property taxes each year, but sometimes a borrower doesn’t have the money to pay the taxes when they are due, so they often just pay them when they can.  Why is that such a huge concern to Florida First Capital and the SBA? Read More

Borrower Profile
SBA 504 Loan Helps Family Business Continue a Legacy

LAND Leather was founded in 1969 by Jimmey Iszler at the young age of 28.  A North Dakota farm boy who was raised believing that a life full of adventure and hard work was the key to happiness and success.  After serving as a Peace Corps Field Officer in the mountains of Colombia and Peru, he headed back to Washington D.C. for his master’s degree at American University.  One day at class, he went for a coffee break and never went back.  Read More