February 2017
Commercial Lending
Refinancing Commercial Mortgage and Other Business Debt with an SBA 504 Loan

Small business owners can lighten their monthly debt payments and access equity trapped in commercial real estate holdings by refinancing conventional real estate loans with the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) permanent 504 Debt Refinancing Program. Read More

SBA 504 Loan Interest Rate Report: February 2017

The bonds that funded February’s 20-year Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans saw a slight 2 bps jump over last month.  Rates have been slowly increasing since October, however continue to remain under 5% for the interim. Read More

Linda McMahon Becomes 25th Administrator of the SBA

The U.S. Senate recently confirmed former wrestling executive Linda McMahon as the 25th administrator of the Small Business Administration (SBA) by a vote of 81-19.  She was sworn in on Tuesday, Feb. 14, by Vice President Mike Pence. Read More

Ask The Experts
SBA 504 Q&A: Licensing Requirement

Q: For businesses where special licensing or accreditation is required to operate the business, does the Small Business Administration (SBA) require the directors and/or license holders of schools, care facilities, medical practice/med spa operations, etc., to serve as guarantors on loan requests? Read More

Borrower Profile
Second 504 Loan Helps Double Butcher’s Old School Footprint

Years ago, going to the local butcher shop was a regular part of a shopping trip. Then, large supermarkets began flooding the scene offering one-stop convenience and cheaper prices – and in many cases cheaper products – thanks to the advent of industrial processing and packaging. Read More