June 2020
Commercial Lending
504 Bridge Loan Program Helps to Further Mitigate Risk for SBA Lending Partners

In today’s current economy and lending environment, commercial mortgage lenders are seeking creative ways to continue lending to small businesses, but also mitigate potential risk to their loan portfolios.  One excellent – and very popular – option is the Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 Loan Program with its distributed credit structure.  Another valuable resource is the 504 Bridge Loan Program, which helps alleviate risk for lending partners during the interim phase of a 504 project. Read More

SBA Interest Rates Continue to Make History – Small Business Wins with the 504 Program

One year ago this month, the 20-year interest rate for Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loans fell below 4% (3.98%) and marked the new beginning of the lowest rates ever in the 34+ year history of the program.  The previous record had been set in December 2010 at 4.01%.  Then, this past March, that record was shattered when 504 rates fell below 3%.  And those rates are fixed – no ARMs ever.  They haven’t stopped falling yet, either. Read More

Rebuild Florida Business Loan Fund Promotes Growth and Prosperity

The Rebuild Florida Business Loan Fund provides access to available and affordable working capital at reasonable interest rates and terms to help existing and new Florida small businesses create and retain permanent jobs, create high paying jobs (increasing income levels) and diversify and stabilize the state’s economy.  The program also aims to increase small business disaster preparedness, allowing businesses to be in a better position to handle any natural disasters that might come their way. Read More

Ask The Experts
SBA 504 Q&A: EPC Activity

Q: Can an Eligible Passive Concern (EPC) have activities outside of being a real estate holding company? Read More

Borrower Profile
Mud Hole Custom Tackle Reels in SBA 504 Loan for Major Expansion

The words “gone fishing” conjure a variety of images from Andy and Opie strolling to the fishin’ hole to the high energy pursuit of sport fish in blue water. Regardless if the motivation for fishing is relaxation or sport, we do love to fish. In 2018, the Recreation Boating & Fishing Foundation reported that an estimated 49 million Americans went fishing, spending more than $7.4 billion on fishing equipment. Read More